Essential Case Study Interview Questions

When conducting a case study interview as a writer, it’s essential to ask relevant and insightful questions to gather the necessary information. Here are 20 questions that a writer can ask a customer during a case study interview. Download the template below.

1. Can you provide an overview of your organization and the project or initiative being discussed in the case study?

2. What were the main objectives or challenges that led to the implementation of this project?

3. How did you identify the need for this project, and what were the factors that influenced your decision?

4. What specific solutions or strategies did you implement to address the identified challenges?

5. Can you share any measurable outcomes or results achieved through this project? (e.g., increased revenue, cost savings, improved customer satisfaction)

6. How did this project impact your organization’s overall performance or operations?

7. What were the key steps or milestones involved in the project’s implementation process?

8. Were there any obstacles or hurdles encountered during the project? If so, how were they overcome?

9.How did your organization ensure effective collaboration and communication throughout the project?

10. Can you provide any specific examples or success stories that demonstrate the project’s effectiveness?

11. How did the project align with your organization’s long-term goals and vision?

12. Were there any lessons learned or best practices identified during the project that you would like to share?

13. How did the project impact your customers or clients? Were there any notable changes in their experiences or satisfaction levels?

14. Did the project require any particular expertise or resources? How did you manage those requirements?

15. What role did technology or innovation play in the project’s success?

16. How did you measure the success or effectiveness of the project? Were there any key performance indicators (KPIs) used?

17. How did your organization ensure the sustainability or long-term impact of the project?

18. Were there any unexpected benefits or outcomes that arose from the project?

19. Can you provide any testimonials or feedback from stakeholders or end-users about their experience with the project?

20. What advice or recommendations would you give to other organizations considering a similar project?

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