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Written by Nate Wright

June 15, 2023

Checklist for Creating Great Website CTAs 

I’ve always been a fan of checklists as they make a great reference for quickly assessing a project or for simply not forgetting to do something. Here’s a short checklist for assessing the clarity of your website CTAs:

Concise Wording: Ensure that the CTA message is clear and concise

      • Does the CTA use brief and straightforward language?
      • Is the purpose of the CTA immediately understandable?
      • Can users quickly grasp the action they need to take?

Action-Oriented Language: Use strong and actionable verbs to encourage user engagement

      • Does the CTA communicate a specific action to be taken?
      • Is the language compelling and persuasive?
      • Does it create a sense of urgency or excitement?

Benefit Highlight: Clearly articulate the value or benefit users will gain by clicking the CTA

      • Does the CTA convey the value proposition of the offer or action?
      • Does it answer the question “What’s in it for me?” for the user?
      • Does it emphasize a positive outcome?

Avoid Jargon: Ensure that the CTA message is easily understandable and avoids industry-specific terms or jargon

      • Is the language used in the CTA accessible to the target audience?
      • Are technical terms or acronyms clarified or avoided?
      • Can a person unfamiliar with the industry easily comprehend the CTA?

Visual Hierarchy: Make sure the CTA stands out visually and is easy to locate

      • Does the CTA have appropriate font size and style for readability? Seek consistency across the website.
      • Is it visually distinct from surrounding content?
      • Does it use visual cues, such as color or arrows, to draw attention?

Placement: Position the CTA where users can easily find and engage with it

      • Is the CTA placed prominently on the page or within a logical flow?
      • Does it appear at a strategic point in the user journey?
      • Is it positioned above the fold or in other high-visibility areas?

Clarity across Devices: Ensure the CTA remains clear and visible on various screen sizes and devices

      • Does the CTA maintain clarity and legibility on mobile devices?
      • Is the size and placement adjusted for smaller screens?
      • Are there any responsive design issues that may impact CTA visibility?

Consistency: Maintain consistency in CTA messaging throughout the website

      • Is the language and tone of the CTA consistent with your overall brand voice?
      • Are CTAs for similar actions presented consistently across different pages?
      • Is the message aligned with the expectations set by other website content?

Testimonials and Social Proof: Consider incorporating testimonials or social proof to enhance the CTA’s clarity and credibility

      • Can your customer testimonials or reviews be displayed adjacent to or near the CTA to build trust?
      • Does your CTA convey ways others have benefited from taking the desired action?
      • Are there relevant statistics or data that can support the CTA’s credibility?

User Testing and Feedback: Gather user feedback or conduct testing to evaluate the clarity of the CTA

    • Have users provided feedback on the clarity and effectiveness of the CTA?
    • Have any usability issues or confusion related to the CTA been identified and addressed?

Use the checklist for website CTAs the next time you review your website’s effectiveness, make the changes, and let us know what works best for you.

Download Checklist PDF


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