Written by Nate Wright

April 25, 2023

How to get more out of your home page messages

This is a short post because homepage headline messaging doesn’t have to be hard.  Focus on these three things for better online messages.

1. What is it? (Product or Service category)

Your product or service category should be crystal clear. The category should also be easily relatable to potential users. If you define the category in your message, use a category your target customers will already understand, rather than trying to introduce a new category that you hope to own in the future.

2. Who is it for? (Target customer)

Clearly identify your ideal customer profile (ICP) and describe them in a way your future customer can identify with the problem your company solves. Even if you have multiple target segments, choose the one that best fits your product and be specific. Avoid trying to capture everyone in a single description.

3. What does it do? (Main capability)

Highlight the most compelling aspect of your product or service. Focus on the singular feature that will create an “aha moment” for new users. Be specific and tell prospects how they will benefit with your product or service, without trying to explain the entire platform or product in one go.

It’s that simple.  The best place for this message is above the fold on your homepage, right up front. You only have 4-5 seconds to capture someone’s attention, so make it count. 

If you are stuck developing your own headline and sale messages, please contact us. 

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