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Written by Nate Wright

January 17, 2020

This morning, we released new Contacts, Customers, and Reports features. See below for details.


Contacts are used for collecting important data about your client prospects before creating a trip reservation. Two new features are now available:

  • Notes: Use the Notes field to capture important information about your prospects. This is a free from text field. Multiple lines of text are available for you to populate.
  • Areas of Interest: This feature includes four drop down menus for selecting Species, Season, Trip Year, and Trip Type. Select one or more species, trip years, or tripe types. Multiples selections can be made for Species, Trip Year and Trip Type. Simply select and click your first selection and after it appears, select and click your next selection.

Go to the Learning Center to watch the video.

To use this feature. go to your Dashboard and select Contacts > Add New Contact


Client Birthdate has been added as an additional field for the Customer Detail page. This is an optional field and will help make it easier for you collect additional information from your clients to prepare for draws.

To use this field, go to your Dashboard > Customers > Click on a customer record.


Reports are used for pulling information about your contacts and customers to more efficiently and quickly analyze and manage your business.

State of Wyoming Outfitter’s Annual Report. The State of Wyoming Annual Outfitter Report is only available for outfitters operating with a State of Wyoming outfitter license.

To explore this report, go your Dashboard and select this report from the drop-down menu.

New Features Coming Soon

Here’s a few highlighted features currently in development


  • First Aid /CPR certification tracking


  • Customers by Service Year – Pull a list of Customers by year of service
  • Contacts by Service Year – Pull a list of Contacts by year of service
  • Customer Status – Pull a list of all customers by customer status
  • Customer Document Status – Pull a list of all Customers missing documentation

Contributed to new Outfitter Connect features and development. Customers interested in providing feature suggestions and feedback can send their ideas or feedback to us at

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