This idea was crafted for:

Catherine Wendt
Co-Founder & President

Catherine, move the slider to see how we reshaped your core homepage message

Current homepage messaging

Customer-focused beneft messaging

Current Testimonials

Refreshed Testimonials

Here’s what we did

We reviewed your homepage and made a few recommendations:

Your site has great content and the slider in the header made it difficult to concentrate on your message and what you do. 

We reviewed your homepage and made a few recommendations:

  • Your main message was reshaped to tell your visitors the problem you solve for them
  • Your supporting message was created to demonstrate how you do it and in what context
  • The blue band showcases your other core solution areas – Placing benefits in this section would make it stronger
  • Gave you a Call to Action button that is sales-focused with an active message to get your visitors to act.
  • Refreshed your testimonials page.

Messaging Best Practices

Good messages focus on the problem the customer has, how a product or service solves this problem and the benefit the customer receives after the problem is solved.

Here’s a few questions to determine if your current core message resonates with potential buyers:

  • Does your message clearly identify what problem your business can solve?
  • Do you talk more about yourself or your customer’s problems?
  • Do you know how your customer’s problem makes them feel?
  • Do your messages convey a sense of empathy or understanding of your customer’s problems and feelings?

    SEO Opportunities

    Your site is ranking for some branded keywords however with approxmiately 315 visitors a month, we think you can optimize your site and content to attract 10X prospects or more to your site on a monthly basis. Imagine what that would do for your revenue!  

    You also appear to have a great F.I.T. system that needs more love and attention. We’d like to discuss introducing a demo page and some form capture to help create more online sales leads. 

    How well is your messaging and online presentation working for you?