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Website Marketing Review

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How Does A Website Marketing Review Work?

First, when you request a website marketing review, we’ll ask you a handful of questions about your business goals, the current marketing channels you are using, and your marketing budget.

We’ll review your readiness for a long-term marketing partnership. Customers that succeed with us our dedicated to business growth, and are ready to begin scaling their business with online marketing.

If we think you are not yet ready to work together with us long-term, we’ll identify a list of actions you can implement to get your business ready.

Next, we’ll review your website and send you a video identifying improvements and recommended changes to your website that will help accelerate achievement of your online marketing and business goals.

Our review is completed at no cost to you. If you decide to become a Worksprings customer, we’ll develop this review as one element for a multi-channel marketing strategy to move your business forward.

Website Review Details

Here’s the outline of the core areas we cover during the website review. The review is completed within 2 – 3 business days and is sent to you via email.  The email contains a link to a video of the review. Also included is a set of recommendations presented in the video in a personalized PDF.

1. Core Messaging and User Interface (UI)

  • Effectiveness and clarity of the core message
  • Persuasive and engaging copywriting, tone and voice
  • Tailoring messaging to different stages of the customer journey
  • Overall visual appeal and branding consistency
  • Navigation menus and site structure
  • Consistency of design elements (fonts, colors, imagery)
  • Responsiveness and mobile-friendliness

2. Conversion Optimization

  • Effectiveness and visibility of calls to action (CTAs)
  • Placement and design of lead capture forms
  • Trust signals (testimonials, security badges)
  • Seamless checkout or conversion process
  • Alignment of website goals with user journey


3. Content & Search Engine Readiness

  • Relevance and accuracy of information provided
  • Readability and clarity of content
  • Grammar, spelling, and formatting
  • Engaging and persuasive copywriting
  • Consistency of tone and voice
  • Use of relevant keywords in meta tags and content
  • URL structure and readability
  • Meta descriptions and title tags
  • Presence of internal and external links
  • Proper use of headings and subheadings

4. SEO Audit with SEMRush

  • Site Traffic Analysis:
    • Examine traffic metrics (total visits, unique visitors, pageviews).
    • Identify main traffic sources (organic search, direct visits, referral, social media).
    • Understand overall reach, popularity, and areas for improvement.
  • Authority Analysis:
    • Evaluate domain authority and backlink profile.
    • Assess quality and quantity of backlinks.
    • Identify opportunities for link-building and enhancing online presence.
  • Organic Keyword Analysis:
    • Analyze organic keywords and rankings.
    • Examine keywords driving organic traffic, search volumes, and competition levels.
    • Gain insights to optimize content for increased organic visibility.


Who Is Best Suited For the Website Marketing Review?

Business Owners of Small and Medium Sized Businesses

We’ve increased revenue, site traffic, and conversions for companies who need a dedicated team to set up and manage their marketing machine.  We really focus on understanding your personal and business goals to create the right strategy and set of marketing tactics to help you succeed.