Written by Nate Wright

January 25, 2021

Are You Missing Opportunities Because Your Core Message Lacks Clarity?


When customers visit your website they care about one thing:  How can you help them solve a problem.

If your website isn’t helping then it’s hurting your business and you are losing potential customers. Most companies don’t even realize their messaging is hurting their business.

Good messages quickly and easily clarify how your business can solve a problem for your prospect. When your message is not clear or consistent it can lead to confusion and lost sales opportunities. 


Good messages focus on the problem the customer has, how a product or service solves this problem and the benefit the customer receives after the problem is solved.

Further, companies most often sell solutions to external problems however customers buy solutions to internal problems (such as frustration).  

Here’s a few questions to reflect on when you want to know how well your message resonates with potential buyers

  • Does your message clearly identify what problem your business can solve?
  • Do you talk more about yourself or your customer’s problems?
  • Do you know how your customer’s problem makes them feel?
  • Do your messages convey a sense of empathy or understanding of your customer’s problems and feelings?

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