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Written by Nate Wright

June 29, 2020

Marketing Skill Level: Easy

Effort Required: Less than 5 minutes

Reward: Replying to reviews helps your customers understand you care about their experience and value the time they spend with your business. It’s also a great way to reinforce key messages you want potential customers to read and know about your business.

Here’s five easy tips to help you respond to customer reviews

  1. Thank Your Reviewers.  Your customer took the time to review your service and share their experience.  Show you respect and value customer feedback with a timely response.
  2. Be Kind.  Remember reviews are public. Always provide comments using a professional and courteous tone. This is true for customers giving you negative reviews as well. Avoid stepping into arguments. Do be honest about mistakes or misunderstandings and apologize. If a negative review really needs a longer discussion invite the customers to call you directly. 
  3. Keep it short.  Your customers are kind to leave a review. Avoid using the opportunity to over-shadow their response with your own. Use good judgement on the length and let their review be the highlight.
  4. Avoid sharing personal information about your customers. A public review is not the place to share personal or possibly harmful personal identifying information.
  5. Increase Trust. Reviews of your business and your responses help new and prospective customers see who you are and what it’s like to do business with you. Each review is another opportunity to build trust with those you serve. 

Evidence reviews work.

LOH Outfitters, a new mexico elk hunting outfitter, with over 53 positive Google business reviews and counting receives phone calls from prospective clients stating positive reviews being a top reason why LOH is their outfitter of choice. 

Google business reviews work and should be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy. Combined with Facebook Recommendations these two heavy hitters can help build more trust and bring more customers to your business.

For help setting up or asking for your customers for reviews, give us a call. It’s one of the easiest things you can do for your business, it only takes a few minutes and the help is free. For helpful marketing tips delivered to your inbox, subscribe to Marketing Mondays.

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